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    • EMC Products

      Withrich experience and full range productplatform,Aerodev can provide counseling, design and produce appropriate EMIfilter for customers to well control electromagnetic interference, which canhelp their equipments and systems to …
    • Communication Products

      AERODEV has full range of industrial Ethernetswitch products, optical and electric communication converters, power relayprotection communication products, different kinds of signal or protocolconverters, customized power supply pr…
    • EMC Design Solution

      With over 30 years accumulated richexperience and full range product platform,Aerodev can provideCustom Design Solutionfor controllingElectromagnetic Interference during customer’sdesign process.
    • Communication Solutions

      AERODEV can provide integratedapplicationprogram for communication and network products, which can be used for mobilecommunications , fixed or private network communications, power plant, railtransport field, etc.